About Logosynthesis Day 2024

What is Logosynthesis Day?

Logosynthesis Day is a free, online conference to share how Logosynthesis is being used to support healing & personal development. A wide range of topics are being presented to demonstrate how this integrative model is being used to support healing trauma, leadership development, burnout prevention, resolving limiting beliefs, relieving anxiety for teens, personal growth, anger management, forgiveness, adapting to limitations related to injury & aging and more.

Conference Details:
January 11, 2024
18:00 – 21:00 CET (Zurich)
Online via Zoom (Link provided upon registation)
Recordings will be sent post-conference to all registered participants.
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Details and registrations available in the ‘Register Now’ button:

What you’ll learn:

The scope of presenting issues is wide. The integrative solution is Logosynthesis. Here is an introduction to the presenters and their topics:

Willem Lammers will launch his latest book called ‘Shaping Reality: Logosynthesis and the Courage to Create’ (Lammers & Williams, 2024) to help shift limiting belief patterns and connect to your mission in life!

Logosynthesis is being used internationally by psychotherapists, counselors, coaches, educators and other professionals in guided change to support professional self-care and to guide individuals to overcome a wide variety of challenges. Topics and presenters for this year’s conference include:

– Understanding and releasing explosive anger using Logosynthesis by Kristin Holthuis

– Building Self-Confidence by Sonja Zanini

– Foundations for Forgiveness using Logosynthesis by Lori Hops

– Logosynthesis in School and Learning Supports by Karsten Blauel and Mathias Egger

– Resolving Distressing Body Symptoms using Logosynthesis by Ulrike Scheuermann

– Logosynthesis for Teens and Young Adults by Myriam Nordemann and Allen O’Donoghue

– Working with Animals using Logosynthesis by Dörte Möller

– How Logosynthesis can support people on their healing journey after a cancer diagnosis by Jannie Douma and Alan Rojas Yacolca

– Banishing money monsters using Logosynthesis by Patricia Lindner

– Efficacy of Logosynthesis to relieve PTSD and trauma symptoms by Natasha Jones, and Malou Salanguit

– Adapting to limitiations in functioning due to injury, burnout and aging by Philippe Isler

– Facing fear and increasing inner freedom using Logosynthesis by Karin Athanasiou

– Resolving energy blocks using Logosynthesis with Heather Day

– Dissolving limiting beliefs to shape your future with Regina Thiergardt

– Managing stress at work in a new way with Silja Höfer

– Introducing a new Institute for research and a new research initiative for ADHD with Suzanne Von Blumenthal and Tonja Bruckhaus

You are invited to choose your preferred topic presentations, allowing you to meet the professionals and to learn how the model can apply to your preferred areas of interest. Recordings of all presentations will be made available to all registered participants post-conference.

How to register for Logosynthesis Day 2024:

Conference agenda, topic presentations and registration is available here:

About the Committee and Presenters:

This conference is being organized by a dedicated group of volunteers through the Logosynthesis International Association (LIA) Communications Committee.  Topic presenters are also volunteering their expertise as certified Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Instructors and/or Trainers in Logosynthesis. They share information as it relates to their work in the fields of psychotherapy, therapy, counseling, coaching, education or other professional fields of guided change. 

For further information: