Logosynthesis for virtual and group therapy coaching

Logosynthesis for virtual and group therapy and coaching.

Do you struggle to access one-to-one, in-person therapy and coaching? Do you struggle to support your clients because they can’t make it to your office regularly? It can be challenging to Whether you’re a therapist, coach, or an individual seeking healing and personal growth, Logosynthesis offers an accessible therapy and coaching model to meet your needs. In fact, it can be learned to be used in self-coaching to resolve everyday issues. 

Why Choose Logosynthesis for Virtual and Group Therapy and Coaching Sessions?

1. Accessibility:

Virtual sessions are increasingly popular due to their accessibility and convenience. Logosynthesis lends itself beautifully to this format, as it can be effectively conducted through video conferencing platforms. This allows clients from different parts of the world to access the benefits of Logosynthesis without geographical limitations.

2. Group Dynamics:

Logosynthesis is particularly powerful in a group setting. Group sessions create a supportive environment where participants can share their experiences, insights, and breakthroughs. The collective energy of the group enhances the healing process, often leading to accelerated personal growth.

3. Results:

Numerous individuals and professionals attest to the effectiveness of Logosynthesis. Its ability to address deep-seated emotional issues at both conscious and energetic levels sets it apart as a potent therapeutic tool. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, trauma, limiting beliefs, or simply seeking personal development, Logosynthesis offers a structured approach to facilitate lasting change.

4. Self-Help and Coaching:

Logosynthesis isn’t limited to therapy alone. Coaches can integrate its techniques into their practice to empower clients in achieving their goals. Additionally, individuals can learn the basics of Logosynthesis for self-help, allowing them to navigate their inner landscape with newfound clarity and resilience.

Getting Started: Using Logosynthesis in Virtual and Group Sessions

1. Training:

For therapists and coaches, obtaining proper Logosynthesis training is essential. Learning the nuances of the models equips you with the skills to guide clients through the process effectively. Training programs and certification are available through the Logosynthesis International Association.

2. Creating a Safe Space:

Establishing a safe and nurturing environment is crucial for virtual and group Logosynthesis sessions. This encourages participants to open up and engage in the process wholeheartedly.

3. Customization:

Tailor Logosynthesis sessions to the needs of your clients or participants. Each individual’s journey is unique, and by adapting the technique to their specific challenges, you enhance its impact.

4. Integration:

Encourage participants to integrate their insights and breakthroughs from Logosynthesis sessions into their daily lives. This solidifies the transformational process and ensures lasting results.

Download a copy of the reports: 

Peer-reviewed, evidence-based research is only beginning for Logosynthesis. However, professionals trained in Logosynthesis are documenting the results, both in article submissions to professional publications and in their masters / doctoral thesis work. Here are two such publications:

Download article about Logosynthesis and virtual therapy:

Download a summary of the current evidence for Logosynthesis:

The Logosynthesis International Association can help you get started:

At The Healthy Living Plan, we offer resources to guide you to use Logosynthesis through coaching and educational resources. Also, the Logosynthesis International Association also offers a complete list of certified Practitioners and Trainers in Logosynthesis, along with information about the training curriculum.