Do you want to overcome a fear of needles?

A fear of needles can feel intense. Many people experience fear, panic and other distressing reactions related to needles. Often, there is no explanation for the intense reactions yet the sensations are distressing. Other people don’t really understand what you are experiencing. Coping strategies often involve avoiding needles. Yet needles can be important for your health and wellbeing. In the case of vaccines, your health and the health of those around you depends on your ability to get a needle. You may have learned to cope with your body’s response. Logosynthesis offers a transformational approach to offer sustained relief.

Logosynthesis offers a guided approach to resolve the underlying trigger.

Have you ever questioned what triggers such an intense response? How the simple mention of a needle can result in distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. Memories of past experiences can trigger the same reaction as the initial distressing experience. This happens at an energetic level so you can’t think your way into feeling better. However, working at an energetic level, you can learn to identify and resolve the underlying trigger.

Logosynthesis, developed by Dr. Willem Lammers, works by using the emotions and reactions as information to identify and resolve the underlying mental imagery that triggers these automatic, frozen reactions. Using the power of words and specific sentences, you can shift the energy in the frozen mental imagery. When the flow of energy is restored, it no longer triggers the distressing, automatic reaction. You regain a sense of peace and calm.

You can use this video to overcome a fear of needles.

In video below, I provide a 10-minute guided demonstration of the Logosynthesis Basic Procedure, developed by Dr. Willem Lammers. This video is for demonstration purposes but offers support to guide you to overcome a fear of needles. The method can be learned for self-coaching to find relief for everyday issues. For deeper issues, especially those related to trauma, you will require the support of a trained professional to guide the process.

Learn more about how Logosynthesis can support your health and wellness.

Logosynthesis is being used on a variety of presenting issues, including fears and phobias. In a survey that we conducted in 2017, an international group of professional coaches, counsellors and therapists were using Logosynthesis to support clients with anxiety, PTSD, depression, burnout, loss, anger, abuse, somatic issues and other. The cited benefits were overall effectiveness, speed of work, ease of use, client comfort and targets the presented issue. Based on a 2020 survey, 83% of respondents indicate that Logosynthesis® has transformed how they approach their role as coach, therapist or guide.