‘Relax for Impact’: A Healthy Living Approach

Stress impacts you in everyday life, often in ways that you do not even recognize. Recent research shows an association between mental imagery and emotions. While positive visualizations can contribute to relaxing, we also experience mental imagery in the form of distressing memories, limiting beliefs and fearful fantasies that trigger patterns of distress. Logosynthesis offers a way to shift your energy for immediate and sustained relief, one issue at a time. 

‘Relax for Impact’ offers a series of workshops to guide you using Logosynthesis to identify and resolve issues that are often related to stress in everyday life. You can register for all five sessions or for individual courses. Your choice!

1: Relieve ‘To Do’ Stress: Applying Logosynthesis to Task Overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed by never-ending to-do lists and looming deadlines? In this workshop, we explore how the principles of Logosynthesis can help you find peace and productivity amidst the chaos of daily life. Through a guided exercise and practical guidance, participants will learn how to use Logosynthesis to identify and address the underlying stress and resistance associated with overwhelming tasks. You will shift the energy in your to-do list so that more of your energy is available to take decisive action with clarity and confidence. By integrating Logosynthesis into your daily routine, you can transform ‘to do’ stress into a catalyst for productivity and growth.

2: Calm Credit Card Stress: Logosynthesis for Financial Well-being

Financial stress can take a toll on our mental and emotional well-being, affecting every aspect of our lives. In this workshop, we explore how Logosynthesis can be applied to alleviate credit card stress and promote financial resilience. Through a guided exercise and guided reflection, participants will learn how to identify and release the underlying fears, beliefs, and emotions that contribute to credit card stress. You will discover how to cultivate a healthier relationship with money, make empowered financial decisions, and take meaningful steps towards financial freedom and security.

3: Ease In Interactions: Logosynthesis for Effective Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of healthy relationships and successful interactions. While we often believe we need to express our emotions, this energy impacts our stress levels and gets in the way of our goals. In this workshop, we explore how Logosynthesis can serve as a powerful model for enhancing interpersonal communication and navigating challenging interactions with grace and ease. Using discussion and a guided exercise, participants will learn how to use Logosynthesis to cultivate presence and authenticity in their interactions. You will discover how to notice hidden stressful patterns and resolve the underlying triggers, fostering deeper connections and reducing conflict in both personal and professional relationships.

4: Relieve Facial Tension: A Logosynthesis Approach to Instant Relief

In this workshop, we’ll explore the profound impact of facial tension on our overall well-being and effectiveness. We’ll use Logosynthesis to identify and resolve energy blocks related to tension held in the muscles of the face and neck. Through a guided exercise and practical tips, you will discover how to use Logosynthesis to gently dissolve tension, promote relaxation, and restore balance to body and mind. 

5: Growth In Transitions: Navigating Life Changes with Logosynthesis

Life is full of transitions, each presenting unique opportunities for growth and transformation. In this workshop, we explore how Logosynthesis can support you in navigating life changes with grace, resilience, and purpose. Through  group discussions and a guided exercise, participants will learn how to use Logosynthesis to release resistance, fears, and limiting beliefs associated with transitions. You will discover how to embrace change as a natural part of life’s journey, set clear intentions, and take inspired action towards creating the life you desire. Whether you are facing career transitions, empty nesting, or retirement, Logosynthesis offers a pathway to personal growth, fulfillment, and impact.

Workshop Details:

– Online via Zoom

– Tuesdays from February 27 to March 26, 2024
1. Relieve ‘To Do’ Stress: February 27
2. Calm Credit Card Stress: March 5
3. Ease In Interactions: March 12
4. Relieve Facial Tension: March 19
5. Growth In Transitions: March 26

-Choice of times from 1-3pm or 7-9pm AST (Halifax). You can check your time zone in this time zone converter.

– Cost per workshop: $50 + applicable tax (Prices in Canadian $. Approx US$40, €35 or 32CHF)
– Register for all 5 workshops and SAVE: 5 workshops for the price of 4!

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