Believe. The Power of a Word.

Think for a moment about the power in the word ‘believe’. To know something with confidence yet without proof. How do you know with confidence?

You feel it. Your experience tells you it is so. Your culture embraces it.

At times, we are extremely passionate about our beliefs. We work hard to convince others that we are right. We are prepared to fight for our beliefs. We feel discomfort and fear when our life is not as we believe it should be. We exert energy to change things to make us feel more comfortable.

We go to school to gain knowledge and learn skills yet it is through our experiences that we form our character. The discourse and limitations we experience in our careers often has more to do with the culture of our work environment rather than the actual work or our abilities. We come in contact with people who have beliefs that do not match our own and we experience stress.

Why is it important to fully appreciate the power of our beliefs?

As a diverse society, our effort is focused mainly on changing the beliefs of others or suppressing our beliefs. The thought is that if we provide all the supporting facts and present in an articulate manner, we should be able to engage others to support our position. They should think and behave as we desire. Rational thought should prevail. We can spend considerable energy in this quest. When that doesn’t work, we have coping techniques to suppress our feelings of angst. Avoid. Breathe deep. Exercise. We cope until we feel threatened or the pressure becomes too great. Then what? Things break.

Our beliefs are formed by life events. Experiences that get our adrenalin pumping and our endorphins flowing. Energy structures are formed. Logosynthesis releases the energy in these structures by acknowledging the feelings, identifying the events (perceptions) and then using the power of words to shift the energy that is bound in this event. It is important to note that often times, the rational mind is not even aware of these energy structures. We don’t have to change our beliefs but rather let go of the energy bound in these beliefs. And we don’t have to understand how it all works to realize the benefits.

Why is this significant?

Growth comes from contrast yet it is very hard to come to creative solutions when our energy is tied up in protecting and defending our beliefs. If we can feel comfortable in our world with all its diversity, I believe we can begin to focus on creative solutions to our challenges – together.