Be strong.Let go.Logosynthesis

Can we be strong and still let go?

Let go to create space for success.

I am strong and successful. I have worked hard for what I have and for what is important to me. Things haven’t always gone my way but I have carried on. That is not an option. But I have also come to realize the beauty in being able to let go. I have come to realize that by letting go, we can create a space for success.

Life happens but we can still let go.

Life happens. Things aren’t as they should be. Our body responds with emotion. Those feelings like fingernails on a chalkboard, the pit in our stomach or the lump in our throat. This is how our body automatically responds to certain situations. Often the overpowering response is not to the immediate event but something that is triggered from our past. Perhaps it is a memory of a painful situation or a strong belief about how people should behave. These memories and beliefs are energy that is stuck. A combination of thought and emotion frozen in our space. If we can let go of these triggers to our reactions, we can be present to enjoy life more fully.

Words have the power to help us let go.

Words are powerful. Words are known to be able to shift energy. So using logic, I can use specific words to release this ‘stuck’ energy so that my body no longer derails me with unwanted reactions in certain situations. So how can I do this? Logosynthesis is an effective method that allows you to let go of this energy with three simple sentences. It may sound a little foreign to us but it is fast, effective and easy to use when you learn the technique. For more information, check out a video by Dr. Willem Lammers to demonstrate the method

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Why is this so intriguing? If I can let go of my reactions, I don’t have to avoid things that are important to me nor do I have to work so hard to be successful. I can let go to be strong.

In her book Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully, Cathy Caswell shares her knowledge and experience about this profound and intriguing philosophy and method.