Faith in Leadership

Our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a special, private meeting with Pope Francis yesterday. Listening to his interview following their conversation, it was evident that he was deeply moved by the personal, reflective discussion. I understand that there is  a great deal of pressure and scrutiny on our leaders to say the right things and to have the right look. They need to be warm, friendly and authentic but not ‘too’ warm and friendly because that is not authentic. And heaven forbid that the cameras catch them with a scowl on their face!

So despite the news headlines and the analysis of photos, the genuine expression of his experience with Pope Francis moved me. It inspired me!  And that is what leadership is about. It is about making connections. Not just through rational, verbal conversation to claim a stance or request apologies. It is about connecting, through our past, to where we are today so that we can be in a better position to move forward for the greater good.

How does this relate to healthy living? We are body, mind and spirit – all in one! We need our leaders to continue to connect with spiritual leaders, regardless of religious denomination, to move them inwardly and embrace their Essence and purpose. It is very easy to become disconnected in  a world that continually sends out messages of fear, pain and hate. Our tendency is to become reactive and lash out. We need our leaders to help recognize that the source of our discomfort rests in the unknown and unfamiliar. We need their words to reassure us to help hold a space where we can be creative in our solutions for a greater good!