Beyond courage. Freedom.

I would like to write something profound today as I bring one phase of my career to a close and open the door to something new and unknown. The word that has been capturing my attention lately is ‘courage’. The ability to do something that frightens one. There are lots of quotes on courage from Nelson Mandela to Winston Churchill, with the encouragement to draw on our strength in an effort to overcome our failures and achieve success. As life happens, our experiences leave their marks. Painful memories can repetitively trigger fear and we recognize that we need to push through the pain if we want to succeed.

For anyone that is familiar with Power vs. Force (Hawkins, 1994), courage is a level of energy (consciousness) in which power first appears. It is a level when we start to shift from the draining lower energies of grief, fear, anger and pride to more creative energies of trust, optimism, understanding and serenity. There is still fear but we can begin to overcome it.

So what does this have to do with me? People have been asking me how it feels to move on. And I realize that my energy must be shifting. The word ‘courage’ no longer resonates the same with me. I have noticed that society has a way of holding me within boundaries and I have been scared to cross lines. With the help of Logosynthesis, the fear and apprehension falls away. I recognize that I still react and I still have work to do. I feel that I am moving beyond the need for courage. I feel a sense of trust, optimism and serenity. It feels like freedom.