The Serenity Prayer Logosynthesis

Finding Wisdom in the Serenity Prayer

Tapping into Wisdom with the Serenity Prayer

If you are looking for peace and calm in these very turbulent times, the Serenity Prayer offers valuable guidance:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.”

What do you accept? What do you change? How do you know the difference?

I’ve known this prayer since my childhood. I prayed for acceptance, courage and wisdom. Over the past few years, I have experienced a very interesting shift. I will call it wisdom. And this wisdom is not something that I dreamed up but that I was able to access in myself. The shift was achieved using a guided change model called Logosynthesis.

What determines what you need to accept and what you need to change?

Beliefs. Your beliefs can keep you stuck in patterns of thinking and doing that no longer serve you. Beliefs can block your wisdom. When you shift the energy in your beliefs, you are better able to let go of reactive patterns that hold you back (yes, many which you aren’t even aware of) and to let go of your need to change situations to feel better. When this energy shifts, you have greater access to the wisdom that is always with you.

Logosynthesis is a new model to move forward.

Logosynthesis offers a new model to shift this energy. It is fundamentally different from other models in that it targets the ‘limiting belief’ and shifts the energy that is ‘stuck’ in the belief. When the energy ‘lets go’, you feel calmer and more present.

Rather than reinforcing your beliefs or changing your beliefs, you simply shift the energy in your beliefs.

This creates space for your inner wisdom, which in turn, changes your perception of acceptance and courage. The result is a greater sense of calm, peace and clarity to take action.

It’s a process.

So what has happened for me? I deeply appreciate the progress. I feel less pressure to do it all, so I have more energy to do things that are important. Additionally, I don’t feel such a great need to control situations so others feel more relaxed to do their thing.  I am more confident and less defensive about doing things differently so that I don’t feel I need to convince others to see things my way.

Things that I have always accepted, have shifted. And things that I believed I needed the courage to change, are no longer an issue. There is much less resistance to the words of the prayer: ‘Why do I need to accept it?’ or ‘How do I find the courage?’.

Sure, this is a work in progress. Yet with routine use and guidance, you will feel calmer about acceptance and courage. Rather than getting stuck reacting to the things that show up in your life, you can clear what bothers you and move forward. I see this for myself and in others who use the model.

Now is the time.

Many people tell me: ‘Cathy, I don’t have the time or the headspace to learn this.’

This is your challenge and opportunity. I was in this exact spot! And yet that is when using the technique benefited me the most. I could recognize immediate and sustained shifts. As with anything new, you will require awareness that something can be different and curiosity to explore it. You can simply start applying one repeatable technique to notice shifts. And guidance is available. As your beliefs shift, you start to notice things a little differently. You gain a wider perspective on acceptance, courage and wisdom.

The wisdom in the Serenity Prayer reflects your energy. Shifting the energy in your beliefs allows for a greater sense of peace, calm and serenity. From this position, you move forward!