How do I not let things bother me? Logosynthesis The Healthy Living Plan

How do I not let things bother me?

Start with what bothers you.

We all experience things that bother us in everyday life. It’s a normal human response. An annoying boss. A coworker who doesn’t do their share of the work. Too many demands on your time. Worry about your children. Financial concerns. The list goes on….

Over time, how you react to these everyday situations take a toll on your health, your work and your relationships.

It is common to think that if something bothers you, you need to change your situation or the other person. Perhaps you feel like you need to quit your job or you need to take time off work. Perhaps it takes a lot of energy to ‘fix things’ at work! You may even expend a lot of energy trying to change your children or your partner!

By learning to identify and resolve the underlying triggers, you can shift how you react.  You feel calmer in challenging situations. The need to ‘change things’ falls away. You are better able to respond in the moment rather than worry about what might happen or get frustrated about the way things should be.

If something bothers you, you can change your reaction to relieve the stress! And while this can take a bit of a shit to appreciate, it is a wonderful opportunity! Other people and situations no longer control how you feel. You feel calmer when situations are challenging. 

Shift the triggers.

Logosynthesis offers a simple, powerful and repeatable technique to shift these stress triggers so that you have a greater sense of awareness for what is important to you. You regain the power to choose. 

However, there is a challenge with this work. The work is energetic rather than cognitive. You don’t think your way to this shift. Simply notice what bothers you. Yes … that’s an important first step … be specific and honest with yourself. Then apply the technique as guided in the video below. You don’t need to understand how it works. And if things feel intense, allow extra times for the words to work and reach out for guidance!

Use routinely to feel better!

You can get started using the guided YouTube video below. Don’t start with anything that feels really intense but trust the process and notice how your energy shifts. If you want to reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential, this offers a great place to start. Using this method routinely as a healthy lifestyle practice allows you to eliminate stress triggers so that more of your energy is available for what matters most.