How mental images trigger symptoms and how to shift them using Logosynthesis

How mental imagery triggers symptoms … and how to shift them.

Mental imagery is normal.

As humans, we automatically create mental images in response life’s experiences. Some are pleasant. Some are not! And for the most part, they stay with us unchanged over time. We often hear of people reliving an accident or cherishing the memory of a loved one.

Mental imagery triggers symptoms.

What’s important is that it is not just the image that stays with you. When the mental imagery is activated, all the sensations associated with the original event can kick in. These sensations are the feelings that we often associate with physical and mental health symptoms. We recognize them as distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. Research now shows that mental imagery triggers symptoms related to mental health disorders and distress.

Logosynthesis shifts the energy for sustained relief.

We now know how to shift mental images. And when the image shifts, the symptoms dissolve. The results are immediate and sustained. The distressing image doesn’t come back.

How? Mental images are energetic in nature. And to shift the energy, we can use the power of words. Logosynthesis offers a structured method embedded in a comprehensive model. The method includes three specific sentences that do the work so that you don’t need to figure it out.

When the energy shifts, you may uncover another mental image but you can use the same three sentences to shift the energy in the next image. One issue at a time to shift the triggers … hence a healthy lifestyle practice. You can use it routinely when things show up.

You can get started with these resources.

I offer a guided video called ‘How do I not let things bother me?’ (see below). You can also download the ‘Essence: Unlock Potential’ App for free to access the technique so you can use it anytime, anywhere.  I will note that I can’t shift your images for you but I can guide you if you are struggling with the technique or if the work feels intense … and you can reach out to a certified practitioner using the Logosynthesis International Association website.