Unlock Your Potential in 2023 with The Healthy Living Plan

Unlock your potential in 2023.

It is common to think that you need to ‘change’ yourself or your situation to achieve your potential. But what if you already possess your full potential? What if your work is to simply shift the memories and beliefs that get in the way of realizing this potential?  Rather than expending energy to change yourself and others, you simply notice and shift the triggers to your stress response. The result is that more of your energy is available to act in the present. You have more access to realize your potential.

What is the key to unlock your potential?

Logosynthesis offers a key to unlock your potential in 2023. It is an elegant and comprehensive model for coaching and therapy and it can be learned for self-coaching. The model offers a simple, repeatable technique that guides you to identify and resolve the memories and beliefs that block you from realizing your potential, even those that are outside of your conscious awareness.

How do you know where to start? By paying attention to what is bothering you in your everyday life. Here are two examples:

“I’m responsible for it all!”

Many people, especially parents and those in leadership roles, feel the ‘weight and pressure of responsibility’. This may result in worry, tension headaches and distressing thoughts about what might happen if things go wrong. This belief may have been formed from a number of earlier experiences, including modelling responsible parents / bosses and norms in society.

What shifts using Logosynthesis? The weight is lifted and the worry dissolves. It is common for people to realize that they are responsible but they don’t need to do everything on their own. They are part of a team and resources are available. From this position, rather than struggling with worry and tension, they feel calmer and are better able to prioritize and take action. 

“I should exercise more.” 

A common resolution for the new year is to be healthier. Exercise is an important part of healthy living. Listening to your self-talk and paying attention to the word ‘should’ offers valuable information to uncover limiting beliefs. “I should exercise but I will do it later.” “I should exercise but I don’t have time.” “Oh my, I should exercise but I’m too tired.” While you may be able to push yourself to action, the ‘authoritative voice’ can create stress and block action. You may recognize it as procrastination. Using Logosynthesis to resolve this ‘authoritative voice’  not only eliminates the self-talk, but also frees more of your energy to focus on your exercise routine. In many cases, the issue simply falls away without even noticing.

You can get started now:

You can use this model with the guidance of a trained professional and also, learn to use this model for self-coaching. Some memories and beliefs can feel intense and therefore, it is highly recommended to get guidance for more complex and distressing issues. The Healthy Living Plan is powered by Logosynthesis and presents the model in everyday terms to guide your learning. Learn to use the model routinely as a healthy lifestyle practice to reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential. Resources are available to help you get started: