Logosynthesis Day Cathy Caswell

Watch Recordings from Logosynthesis Day 2023

Watch recordings from Logosynthesis Day 2023

The online conference held on January 11, 2023 offered a wonderful opportunity to come together to better understand how this model is being used in therapy, coaching and self-coaching. We are excited to offer the recordings of each session so that you can view any that you may have missed and/or watch presentations again. You are welcome to share the videos with friends and colleagues.

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The Healthy Living Plan

The Healthy Living Plan guides you to get started using Logosynthesis right away as a healthy lifestyle practice. You will learn how to identify and shift the memories, beliefs and fantasies that trigger your stress responses! You will be guided to work on one issue at a time for immediate and sustained relief. The Basic Procedure in Logosynthesis is not only being used in self-coaching as a healthy lifestyle practice but it is also being used to heal trauma and support leadership development.

Logosynthesis International Association

The Logosynthesis International Association ensures the quality and further development of Logosynthesis, including the certification of professionals: