How to have better conversations using Logosynthesis

How to have better conversations.

Conversations can be stressful.

Conversations can be especially difficult when it’s an important topic and each person has a firm position on the outcome they desire. Often, the conversation gets muddled with reactive behaviours, leading to a poor result.

Logosynthesis offers a solution to better conversations. By guiding you to recognize what bothers you before you have the conversation, you are able to resolve the underlying triggers to stressful reactions. You are better able to approach the conversation from a position of calm and clarity to notice better results.

The following is an example of using Logosynthesis to access a position of strength in conducting a difficult conversation:

Grace’s story of using Logosynthesis for better conversations.

Grace was dealing with a challenging situation and she sent me a note saying that an important call didn’t go as well as she was hoping. She was heartbroken and angry. She was trying to determine next steps but I knew she was struggling. I sent her a message:

‘Good morning. Don’t forget that you’ll have lots of energy and reactions in the decisions being made yet both outcomes can be beneficial.’

‘Thank you. My mind is on overdrive. I’m trying to get to a place of strength to do exactly as you have said.’

‘Trust. If you want to work on anything, feel free to reach out.’

‘This is what happened. I did the lines. I was able to bring myself to a comfortable space within my body and made the call. Then I came from a position of strength and wisdom. I knew how to present and guide the conversation and it went well. Truly Cathy, I am so grateful for your work. You have given me a tool but more than that, you have given me freedom.’

Get started using Logosynthesis

In everyday life, we deal with contrasting ideas and differing opinions. Having a resource to clear your energy for important conversations can make a significant difference in your relationships in work and life. If you are interested in learning how to use Logosynthesis for better conversations and to relieve stress in your everyday life, you can get started by contacting me directly or exploring what we offer: