How to relieve stress related to coronavirus

How to relieve stress related to coronavirus.

Are you stressed heading back to school?

Nancy works in a school and she was feeling the stress of returning to work after the holidays amid a surge in coronavirus cases. She was not feeling safe. She explored this issue using the guided video in the Essence: Unlock Potential Coaching App. The level of distress before the Logosynthesis sentences was at a 9 on a scale of 0-10. (0 being ‘no distress’ and 10 being ‘maximum distress’). The level of distress after the sentences was a 6. Nancy reported feeling more ease and less tense.

When asked what remains after this cycle of Logosynthesis, she replied: “I feel it’s more manageable.”

Nancy still experienced some distress so she did another cycle of Logosynthesis using the guided video. In her words, she described the issue as: “Working in a non-safe environment that could affect myself and my family. She rated the level of distress as 8. After saying the Logosynthesis sentences with the pauses, she rated the level of distress as 3.

When asked what she experienced during this guided exercise, she replied: “The relief of physical pressure on myself.”  

Again, she was asked what remained after the cycle of Logosynthesis. “I am acting, not reacting to the issue.”

You can relieve stress related to coronavirus:

You can’t change that coronavirus is impacting our everyday lives but you can change the level of stress, worry and anxiety that you experience. Logosynthesis®, developed by Willem Lammers, offers a simple and powerful model to shift distressing feelings to offer an increased sense of peace and calm in our everyday lives.

Resources are available:

Essence: Unlock Potential offers free access to use the guided video so that you can feel relief right away. It also offers a specific coronavirus protocol developed by Willem that allows users shift from feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm to experience and increased sense of peace, calm and empowerment.

Simply download the app in the link below and sign up for instant, free access to ‘Enjoy Life! Kickoff’ to start using the guided videos.