Heal from Long Covid using Logosynthesis

Are you feeling stuck with symptoms of Long Covid?

Symptoms of Long Covid are distressing.

Many people are struggling with a variety of distressing symptoms that persist after covid. Brain fog, fatigue, loss of taste and other symptoms are cause for concern. Many people don’t feel well and are suffering, wondering if they need to learn to live with debilitating symptoms.

Logosynthesis offers a solution from an energetic perspective to provide immediate and sustained relief of symptoms.

Doctors are using Logosynthesis to heal Long Covid.

Logosynthesis is being used internationally by doctors, therapists, counsellors and coaches to heal suffering. Starting with what currently bothers you (in this case, the symptoms of Long Covid), you are guided to identify and resolve the energetic triggers, one layer at a time. 

Dr. Suzanne von Blumenthal is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist based in Switzerland. In this presentation, she describes how she works with Logosynthesis to heal the symptoms of Long Covid in her patients. For Practitioners in Logosynthesis®, this video offers guidance to help locate the energetic triggers when working with others. For others, this video describes how professionals are working with this healing and development model to address the symptoms of Long Covid.

Dr. Suzanne von Blumenthal, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, heals Long Covid using Logosynthesis.

Dr. Tina Boncina is a physician and psychotherapist based in Slovenia. In the interview below, she also describes how she approaches treating Long Covid using Logosynthesis. Logosynthesis is used to heal the symptoms by identifying and resolving the underlying mental imagery, also known as sensory representations or energetic triggers. The full interview is available here.

Tina Bončina, a physician and psychotherapist, uses Logosynthesis to treat Long Covid.

We are all feeling the effects of coronavirus in our everyday lives. Endless news stories. Missing social interactions. Suffering from losses. Certainly, this impacts each of us in a unique way. At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Willem Lammers developed a specific protocol related to coronavirus. In a survey of people who watched the guided video, 100% felt calmer after watching the video. People noticed a shift from feeling stress, worry and overwhelm to feelings of calm, peace and empowerment. (Survey, 2020) You can watch this guided video routinely to shift your energy related to coronavirus.

Relieve stress related to coronavirus in your everyday life.

Resources are available.

The Logosynthesis International Association is an international, independant, non-profit association that is responsible for the quality and further development of the model. They maintain a list of certified Practitioners in Logosynthesis® and upcoming seminars for both personal and professional training. This is a great place to start to find a certified Practitioner to guide you to relieve distressing symptoms, including those related to Long Covid.

Dr. Willem Lammers, the founder of Logosynthesis®, continues to develop the model and publish books to highlight opportunities to support healing and personal growth and development. A complete list of his English books can be found here.

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