Feeling stable in times of war using Logosynthesis

Times of war are distressing.

Not only does war upset stability in the world around us but war also upsets our inner stability. For Kay, Logosynthesis is the best way to reduce stress and to feel calmer.

‘Now there is a very special stress for me here in Germany. I know I have to be stable for my family and my students and yet I am really worried. I don’t feel calm. I feel the stress in my body, especially my shoulders.’

So as Kay allows himself to connect with the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, he notices images of destroyed houses in his city.

‘I should be doing more.’

Then I offer the three Logosynthesis sentences for this image. I allow time between each sentence to let the energy shift. Then I ask: ‘What happens?’

‘It is not my job to live in fear.’

Kay notices that a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. In essence, the image is gone. The level of distress has noticeably lessened, from an 8 to a 3 on a 10-point scale. He feels more stable to create space for others to process their worries and fears so that they can feel an increased sense of peace and calm.

Overall, this example offers an idea of what people experience with Logosynthesis. This work is especially important for leaders and parents during times of war. It offers an increased sense of peace and calm. Overall, less stress and tension. Greater clarity to move forward.

Resources are available to relieve stress.

If you are interested in getting started or if you have questions, you reach out to me directly. The links below provide resources to help you during these times of war:

  1. Use this list of certified Practitioners in Logosynthesis® to help you find the best match for language and experience. 
  2. Download the ‘Essence: Unlock Potential’ app to get started right away. With a focus on using one guided video
  3. Read the book ‘Thriving In Our Times: From Reactions To Action Using Logosynthesis®’. I wrote this book at the beginning of the pandemic. My goal is to help you understand, in everyday terms, why we experience stress and tension during challenging times and how we can use a simple and powerful model to support us to move forward with more ease and clarity.
  4. Watch the videos in the playlist: ‘Thriving In Our Times Using Logosynthesis®’. I share videos from an international group of coaches, counsellors and therapists who work with Logosynthesis to support their own self-care and to support their clients to resolve a wide variety of issues in their lives. 

These resources are offered to help you feel more stable during these times of war so that you can unlock your human potential and make a difference!

Given the significant trauma of the Russian war in Ukraine, here is an introduction to Logosynthesis – along with the three specific sentences – in Russian. You can get started using Logosynthesis right away! You can also use the guided video below whenever your feel bothered by the news of war.