I know I am right, so why should I change?

As I reflect on my conversations around Logosynthesis, I recognize that we often hold a great deal of emotion in our beliefs. The stronger the emotion, the more adamant we are that we are right and the stronger the conviction to get others to change.  Consider how the following statements may be limiting:

  • I don’t get along well with others because they have issues. I am not the one who needs personal development work.
  • My frustration at work is due to other people not doing things the right way.
  • My lack of patience with my children is because they are not doing what they are told.

It’s not me!  It’s them!  I believe I am doing things right and others are wrong.  And if I am doing things right, why would I possibly want to change? The emotional charge keeps building from having the same reactive patterns repeat.

Why should I change something when I am right?

Take a minute to sense how you feel when you are trying to convince someone that your are right.  (I don’t think I am the only one who reacts in these situations).  This energy can be very damaging to relationships. Our beliefs are energy constructs.  They are thoughts powered by emotion and located in our personal space. The degree of emotion bound when the belief is formed influences the intensity of our reactions in the present.  At my work, we had a rallying cry of  ‘People. Plans. Passion.’  I always rated high on passion but I realize that my passionate reactions are not beneficial to my performance or to others.  As such, patience was always considered a development need.  I have worked hard over my career to become more patient, with little success.  My rational thought, development plans and exercise routines all helped me manage my stress but my action plans did not deliver the desired results. That is, until I discovered Logosynthesis.

I have personally experienced that Logosynthesis can release the energy bound in my beliefs.  As I let go of the energy bound in my strong opinions, I can still hold the thoughts but the emotions dissipate. My reactions no longer sabotage me.  It is worth a try to notice the difference, not only in how you feel but in how others respond. More ease. More calm. More clarity. I encourage you to be curious and explore.