How to relieve stress using mental imagery with Logosynthesis

How to relieve stress using mental imagery with Logosynthesis

Mental imagery influences how you feel.

Many people recognize the connection between visualizing pleasant mental images and relaxation. Research is also showing an important connection between intrusive mental imagery and distressing emotions:

“Involuntary images and visual memories are prominent in many types of mental health issues. Patients with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), other anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, and psychosis frequently report repeated visual intrusions corresponding to a small number of real or imaginary events, usually extremely vivid, detailed, and with highly distressing content.”

Brewin, Gregory and Burgess (Psychological Review, 2010)

Logosynthesis offers a solution

Logosynthesis offers a coaching and therapeutic solution for distressing mental imagery. Using the energetic power of words to create intention and shift energy, Logosynthesis offers a simple, repeatable technique to eliminate distressing mental imagery … immediately and permanently. Working one specific issue at a time, meaningful and lasting shifts can be created using the technique. It is currently being used internationally by coaches, counsellors, therapists and individuals interested in their own healing and development. For more complex and intense issues, it is highly recommended to get support from a trained professional who can support you to identify and resolve the distressing mental imagery.

An example of shifting mental imagery to relieve back pain

Jenna’s story

Jenna was experiencing significant lower back pain that wasn’t being resolved with physio and exercise. It was there all day, every day with the same intensity. It was unrelenting.

She has been using Logosynthesis for a couple of years and suspected that the the pain may be related to some of the things that have been happening in her life.

“I feel like I am carrying the weight of everyone.”

Several people very close to her had recently passed away and now three more family members were facing very serious illnesses. She was trying very hard to be strong for everyone but recognized that she was holding grief in her body.

Applying the Logosynthesis Basic Procedure

I guided her to connect with what her body was telling her.

“You don’t need to control it all. Let go.”

When she considered this, she could recognize the benefit but she didn’t know how to let go. She was deeply missing her loved ones and very fearful for what lay ahead, including accompanying two important medical appointments in the next 24 hours.

She rated the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations as an 8 out of 10.

I guided her to notice the space around her. She saw ‘brown’. She stayed with this to notice further. 

“It’s burnt wood.”

I used this as the label for the three Logosynthesis sentences, watching her cues for the processing time between each sentence. Given the processing was quite intense, I guided her to drink water before offering the next sentence.

“It’s now a 3 or 4. I can put my hand there (my lower back) and it’s soothing. Before I couldn’t relieve the pain. I sensed a lot of energy shifting in my body, especially with the second sentence.”

Noticing what shifts

Normally I would work with this new number to identify and shift another frozen perception. However I sensed that Jenna was in a position to integrate this and she was comfortable with the shift. She felt more resourced for the upcoming appointments. She recognized how the earlier work she had done was allowing her to work through difficult situations from a calmer, more resourced position. Jenna indicated that she is now using Logosynthesis as a self-coaching technique to address issues ‘before they get out of control’. And she is curious and intrigued with the results.

After a check in the next day, she had a plan of action from both appointments and her back was still feeling relieved. 

I reached out one week later and received this text: “Good morning Cathy. My back is better since our talk. No intensity like it was. It’s not perfect but it’s manageable. Thank you!”

How to get started

You don’t need to wait to get started using Logosynthesis. You don’t need to understand how it works to experience relief. Here are some resources to help you get started right away.