Why am I so stressed? Use Logosynthesis to identify & resolve distressing mental imagery The Healthy Living Plan

Why am I so stressed?

It is common to ask “Why am I so stressed?”

Feeling stressed has become a common experience in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing world. As humans, our bodies and minds react to change. Many of us find ourselves struggling with thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that do not feel comfortable. Asking ourselves “Why am I so stressed?” can lead us to think that there is something wrong with us. Actually, your body and mind may be reacting the way it was designed. The challenge is that the pace of change and the vividness of mental imagery is triggering stress responses that can feel intense.

In this blog post, I’ll highlight some common stressful situations and highlight the role of mental imagery in triggering our stress responses in these situations. I’ll also introduce Logosynthesis, a new psychotherapeutic and coaching model, that you can use for self-coaching. This model offers a simple technique to identify and resolve distressing mental imagery, shifting your energy for immediate and lasting relief of the issue. Not only does Logosynthesis help you to reduce stress and feel better, but it also frees your energy to unlock your potential in work and life.

Identify when and where you feel stressed.

One of the first steps in understanding why you feel stressed is identifying when and where you feel stressed. These situations can vary widely from person to person and may include:

  1. Work-related stressors such as tight deadlines, heavy workloads, or conflicts with colleagues.
  2. Financial pressures, including debt, job insecurity, or unexpected expenses.
  3. Relationship issues, whether with romantic partners, family members, or friends.
  4. Health concerns, both physical and mental, that impact our ability to function effectively.
  5. External factors like climate change, global unrest, or societal pressures that contribute to our overall stress levels.

By pinpointing the specific situations in your life, you can begin to become aware of your specific stress responses – the specific thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. And of note, you will begin to recognize that your body responds differently in different situations. ‘Stress’, ‘anxiety’ and ‘overwhelm’ are general, umbrella terms that can cover a wide variety of symptoms.

Understanding the triggers to your stress responses.

New research is highlighting the role of mental imagery and emotions. We often recognize that positive visualizations can help us to relax. Also, intrusive mental imagery in the form of traumatic memories and fearful fantasies, can create very distressing and intense emotions. In some cases, we may be very aware of the mental imagery but this can also be unconscious, hidden memories. These medical studies are calling for new treatments to identify and resolve mental imagery to help alleviate symptoms related to many mental health disorders and issues. The same process applies to everyday stress in response to the situations listed above.

Logosynthesis offers a solution to identify and resolve distressing mental imagery.

Logosynthesis is a new psychotherapeutic and coaching model that offers a precise technique to guide you to identify and resolve the underlying mental imagery using the power of words. In the process, distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations fall away. The beauty of the work is that it works in the field of energy: mental imagery, symptoms and words are all energetic in nature. And an initial research study (Salanguit, 2022) on using Logosynthesis to resolve symptoms highlights that the results are immediate and lasting. 

Get started using Logosynthesis to feel better now.

Check out these resources to get you started. You can also watch the guided video below to experience what can shift. Firstly, grab a glass of water and find a quiet, uninterrupted place. Allow at least 30 minutes so that you are not rushed. And then, simply follow my guidance on the video. Energy shifts can feel subtle or intense, so take some time to notice what shifts over the next few days and weeks. Enjoy!