At The Healthy Living Plan, we guide you to learn how to get images out of your head using Logosynthesis.

How to get images out of your head

Images can feel distressing.

Do you find yourself struggling to get certain mental images out of your head? You are not alone! Recent medical research is proving a connection between mental imagery and emotions. Positive visualizations can reduce stress while intrusive, traumatic memories can trigger stress responses, which can be intense. This research is calling for new treatments to resolve distressing mental imagery.

Logosynthesis can resolve distressing mental images.

Logosynthesis is a psychotherapeutic and coaching model for healing and personal growth. It uses the power of words to release the energy that is ‘frozen’ in this mental imagery, which can be in the form of images, sounds, taste, touch or smell. Developed by Dr. Willem Lammers, Logosynthesis offers powerful method to resolve distressing symptoms by identifying and shifting the underlying mental imagery using the power and intention of words.

Use Logosynthesis to get images out of your head.

To release a distressing image using Logosynthesis, the Logosynthesis Basic Procedure guides you to follow a precise, repeatable technique. You can either start by identifying the issue you wish to resolve. You then allow yourself to connect with the mental imagery in your personal space. Then, you will use three specific sentences to shift the energy bound in this frozen mental imagery. This shift will allow you to experience increased peace and calm, and to resolve triggers related to other past experiences.

While Logosynthesis can be used on your own, it is helpful to seek the support of a trained professional, especially if you have experienced traumas related to early childhood, repeated exposure, or loss. The distress can be resolved in layers using Logosynthesis.

Give it a try:

If you are curious about Logosynthesis and how it works, you can watch the guided video below. Simply find a quiet spot, get a glass of water, and watch the entire video while paying attention to any shifts you may experience.

Get started now:

You can learn to resolve these images on your own or you may prefer to get help from a trained professional in Logosynthesis. Resources are available to support you. You can schedule a call with me to discuss options and decide how best to move forward.