How to get images out of your head using Logosynthesis

How to get images out of your head

Images can feel distressing.

Do you struggle to get images out of your head? Mental images help you make sense of your world and yet at times, these images can trigger distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. They can impact your health and your ability to enjoy life.

Mental images are frozen energy structures that often do not change over time. Many people experience vivid, visual memories of experiences long after the initial event. In the case of traumatic events, these vivid memories can trigger intense emotions and physical sensations. In some cases, you may not want to let go of the image because the memory reminds you of a loved one or of a special time.

You may think that you have to learn how to live with these mental images. Adjusting behaviour, taking medication and focusing on more positive thoughts are all ways that can help you feel better. Yet the image remains.

Logosynthesis can resolve the image.

You can get images out of your head using Logosynthesis. Logosynthesis® is a comprehensive model for healing and development based on the power of words to restore the flow of life energy. The model was developed by Dr. Willem Lammers, based on a 40 year career working in psychotherapy, energy psychology and workplace counselling. The model incorporates knowledge of science and spirituality to deliver surprising results.

To use the method, you are guided to identify the image in your personal space and using specific, structured sentences you can shift the energy that is bound in this frozen sensory perception. The shift experienced using Logosynthesis allows you experience an increased sense of peace and calm. This method is also used to resolve triggers that relate to other past experiences, including distressing sounds and touch. By using your reactions as information, you can recognize and resolve distressing images and sounds to experience sustained relief.

Learn how to get images out of your head.

You can learn to resolve these images on your own or you may prefer to get help from a trained professional in Logosynthesis. Resources are available to support you. If you have experienced traumas related to early childhood, repeated exposure or loss, you will require the support of a trained professional to guide you. Your life experiences create multiple triggers which can be resolved in layers using Logosynthesis.

People are often surprised by the degree of relief experienced when the energy in the image shifts using this model. It takes practice to use the method but to explore what is possible, you can watch this video:
– Get a glass of water. Find a quiet spot. Watch the entire video. Notice what shifts. –