Learning how to heal trauma.

Recognizing our natural reactions.

Trauma. My natural reaction to the word is to close in, back away and shut up. It is not comfortable for me to talk about suffering and I don’t like to talk about things that are not comfortable. I was born into a culture and a family where we didn’t spend a lot of time talking about our emotions or our reactions. And so, I learned to be resilient. I handed my suffering to God and moved on with life. And I was blessed that life did not deal me any major blows that stopped me in my tracks. Others were not so lucky.

Healing trauma

What if we had a better approach to heal trauma?

What if we could resolve the triggers that cause our suffering and irrational responses?

And what if we had the ability to use our reactions – those thoughts, emotions and sensations that cause distress – as information to neutralize these triggers?

We can learn to move beyond the deep pain and irrational responses to enjoy life more fully. Even if we do not feel the need for our own well-being, we benefit from better understanding how to create a supportive environment for others.

Logosynthesis provides an innovative approach

Think about the possibility that would unfold as we learn to create space to support the victims who struggle to find their voice and move beyond suffering. Think also of the opportunity as we learn to support the perpetrators who use their voice and actions to cause suffering. The work starts within each of us to be open, curious and committed to learn about how to heal trauma. We have an opportunity to learn and to do our own work first so that we can create an open, compassionate environment to better support others.

Logosynthesis, developed by Dr. Willem Lammers, provides a beautifully compassionate philosophy and a simple, powerful technique to support this work. I share my introduction to the work in a book, Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully so that others can connect with their stories to learn how to resolve the triggers and move forward.

Get started with these resources

Check out these resources to get you started. You can also watch the guided video below to experience what can shift. Firstly, grab a glass of water and find a quiet, uninterrupted place. Allow at least 30 minutes so that you are not rushed. And then, simply follow my guidance on the video. Energy shifts can feel subtle or intense, so take some time to notice what shifts over the next few days and weeks. Enjoy!