How to release feelings of intensity using Logosynthesis

Release feelings of intensity using Logosynthesis

Change and uncertainty can lead to intense feelings

It can be helpful to be able to release feelings of intensity as a result of the amount of change and uncertainty in our world. I routinely use Logosynthesis to release unwanted feelings. My experience this summer has been one of relaxed focus to write another book. For me, life doesn’t get much better than to spend my days writing in my comfy chair by the lake. A cup of coffee or a cold beverage. Some chill music. Lots of fresh air.  

I also love to connect with friends in the same comfy chairs by the lake. Some of my friends are enjoying a more relaxed pace during these times of the pandemic. Others are going non-stop to meet the demands of their work. Their environment feels intense. One friend, who works in media, dropped by last week. She certainly feels the intensity of the energy in the newsroom. In some ways, it helps her power through her day but over time, this is exhausting for any human.

Given the local events of the past six months, I cannot imagine working in this space. I feel the intensity simply by watching the news. I can’t imagine pulling together and delivering each story. As we chat by the lake, I listen and I sense the intensity. Rather than offer advice about how to solve her challenges, I ask if she would like to feel better.

Relieve feelings of intensity using Logosynthesis

She chuckles because she is comfortable with Logosynthesis. She knows what is coming.

I ask her to think of a time when she felt the intensity of working in the newsroom. She quickly connects with a specific incident of going to work. She connects with the thoughts, the emotions, and the physical sensations at that time. She rates the distress at a 10 out of 10 and notices a difficulty breathing. I ask her to notice any sensory perceptions: images; sounds; kinesthetic; smell; taste.

She notices a sense of the air around her.

I offer a cycle of Logosynthesis for this sensory perception: ‘the air around me’. At the end of the cycle, she observes a change from shallow breaths to deep breathing. She feels better. Today I receive an email with the following comment:

‘Always enjoy our visits and I have felt great peace since the lake visit.’

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