How to prevent burnout using Logosynthesis

How to use your reactions to prevent Covid-19 Burnout

Burnout is a response to our environment.

Burnout involves a state of physical and emotional exhaustion that reduces your ability to accomplish your goals. It is not a medical diagnosis. Each of us responds to what is happening in our world based on our patterns of reacting. If we are conditioned to work hard and the demands increase, we work harder. If we are conditioned to hurry up and suddenly more people need our help, we get busier. And also, if we are conditioned to do our work perfectly, we feel stressed when we don’t have the resources to do things to our standards. Life goes on but our body reacts to these conditions. We can experience distressing thoughts, emotions and body sensations. This can result in physical and emotional exhaustion.

We can learn to change our reactions.

How we respond in everyday situations is based on patterns of reactions that have been developed from our life experiences and cultural beliefs. We may ignore the response … for a while. We may avoid situations that trigger the response. And we may work extra hard to cope.

We know what to do without thinking because we operate based on triggers, which spark automatic responses. In normal times, these responses allow us to enjoy a smooth flow to our lives. We don’t need to question rules. We know what to do and we do it. When our world suddenly changes, these triggers can cause distress. We can learn how to resolve the trigger, so that we don’t feel the distress.

Logosynthesis offers a guided process.

Each of us has unique sensory perceptions which trigger our patterned behaviour. We can learn to use Logosynthesis, developed by Dr. Willem Lammers, to identify and resolve the triggers that create our patterns of behaviour. By using our thoughts, emotions and body sensations as information, we can identify the images, sounds and other sensory perceptions that trigger our response. When the voice that tells us that we need to work harder is gone, we can better focus on the work at hand without suffering from exhaustion.

Based on a survey of coaches, counsellors and therapists trained in Logosynthesis, it is a preferred method based on overall effectiveness, speed of work, ease of use, client comfort and targets the presented issue. This list of resources can help you learn more.

We can help you get started now.

It is normal to feel that we don’t have time to learn something new or that we don’t really need help. Interestingly, we believe it is others that need to change so we don’t think to change our reactions to others. When we embrace changing our reactions to others and to the world around us, our energy becomes available for meaningful action. You can start right now by watching this video of the guided Logosynthesis process to see what shifts. You can also read my book to learn how I used Logosynthesis during a busy time in my life. Finding a coach or guide trained in Logosynthesis is an excellent start to help you to change your patterns and to help you prevent Covid-19 Burnout. A list of certified professionals can be found here.