How reactions can get in the way during the pandemic and how to change them.

Why it is important to be aware of our reactions: Our reactions can get in the way of what is beneficial for our own health and wellness. Yet our reactions are often based on conditioned responses. So we often don’t even recognize them. We focus on changing things around us to make us feel better. This can take considerable effort with limited success. It can be liberating to be able to change our reactions to the situations around us. This … Read More

How to use your reactions to prevent Covid-19 Burnout

Burnout is a response to our environment. Burnout involves a state of physical and emotional exhaustion that reduces your ability to accomplish your goals. It is not a medical diagnosis. Each of us responds to what is happening in our world based on our patterns of reacting. If we are conditioned to work hard and the demands increase, we work harder. If we are conditioned to hurry up and suddenly more people need our help, we get busier. And also, … Read More

One Photo – Multiple Reactions

One photo has the power to spark very different reactions in people. My reactions are based on my experiences and my beliefs, which are part of the family and the community in which I live.  One photo can feel fun and playful to one person and yet trigger very raw feelings of distress in another. My work is to resolve the sensory perceptions or mental imagery that trigger my reactions so that I can have a higher level of compassion … Read More

Resistance and #Canada150.

Creating space for growth. Resistance is part of change and growth. As our country is aglow with Canada150 celebrations, we see a strong message emerge, symbolized by erection of a tipi on Parliament Hill. Not all is comfortable in our land! What if we had a coaching model that would allow us to acknowledge these feelings of discomfort and also, release the energy in these reactions? This would allow us to create a space for growth. While Canada150 is a … Read More