One Photo – Multiple Reactions

One photo has the power to spark very different reactions in people.

My reactions are based on my experiences and my beliefs, which are part of the family and the community in which I live.  One photo can feel fun and playful to one person and yet trigger very raw feelings of distress in another. My work is to resolve the sensory perceptions or mental imagery that trigger my reactions so that I can have a higher level of compassion to support others to feel safe and included.

Currently, our main approach to live in harmony in a multicultural society is to apologize for unwanted reactions and vow to do better in the future. The weakness in this approach is that we still hold the same perceptions that trigger our beliefs. We feel remorse or embarrassment. Perhaps we say we are sorry. We may ask for forgiveness. Yet we remain vulnerable to repeat the behaviour. And also, we lack the level of compassion to needed support those we have distressed. Our promises lack authenticity because we have not shifted the underlying perceptions that form our beliefs.

An apology is not enough to heal the traumas of the past. Nor is an apology enough to create the compassion required to support others with diverse backgrounds. And an apology is not enough to live peacefully in a multicultural, global society.

We need innovative approaches to resolve the hurt of the past and to live in harmony.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

  • Albert Einstein

In a global society, we have a responsibility to be open to new understanding. As we assume leadership roles, we need to challenge our beliefs. In the age of quantum physics, we need to appreciate the power of words to the shift energy which triggers our reactions.

The thoughts, emotions and sensations that are evoked by one photo today are triggered by perceptions frozen in our memories and beliefs. By shifting the perception, we shift the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. We can resolve the pain in our heart, the pounding in our head and the anger in our words.

Innovative approaches do not require complexity. Innovative approaches benefit from an appreciation of the power of spirit and energy.

Logosynthesis is a psychotherapeutic and coaching model to shift the energy in memories and beliefs.

Logosynthesis is a psychotherapeutic and coaching model developed by Dr. Willem Lammers. The model that guides you to  identify and resolve the underlying sensory perceptions or mental imagery that keeps you frozen in patterns of reactions. The work is transformational in using the power of words to resolve the perceptions that trigger distress. An international group of professional therapists, counsellors and coaches having been working with Willem to explore the scope and depth of work. The Logosynthesis International Association offers training and licensing to support interested professionals.  Resources are available to support your learning and development.