Culture. In our hearts and soul.

‘A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.’

This quote by Mahatma Gandhi certainly describes an important truth. We live in a multicultural society and we strive to embrace differences of thought and tradition. We celebrate the diversity of heritage and past experiences. We welcome newcomers and make room for strangers. Yet things go awry. Life doesn’t always feel comfortable or proceed as planned. Friends and family struggle to cope and our systems have difficulty meeting the demands for care. People say and do things that are disrespectful and inappropriate despite knowing better. While we strive to embrace multiculturalism, it is helpful to reflect on Ghandi’s statement:

Our culture consists of the beliefs that tell us what is right and wrong:

Our beliefs are the program of our culture and are the foundation for what feels safe and comfortable to us. Different cultures have different beliefs, which are instilled at a very young age through experiences. We learn from family and friends through an unwritten code. Our nation’s constitution is our rule book on values but our individual experiences may teach very different lessons about what is right and wrong. And these experiences form our beliefs.

Our beliefs are formed from active experience rather than passive learning:

We often rely on teaching in a classroom and promoting through media to communicate what we wish to create as a culture. But our beliefs have been created from our early life experiences that were rich with emotion. This emotion is energy and held in our energy field – in our hearts and soul. Our beliefs are more than thoughts held in our brains. So to change our beliefs, we need to not only introduce a new thought. We need to let go of the energy bound in the early experiences that created our beliefs and introduce positive new experiences, rich with emotion.

We can let go of energy bound in our beliefs using the power of words:

Age-old wisdom indicates that words have power beyond their meaning and that words have the ability to shift energy. Logosynthesis® is a tool that is designed to identify the triggers to our reactions and then, using specific sentences, release the energy bound in our limiting beliefs, painful memories and fantasies about how life should be. As we release this bound energy, our energy is more available to accept life as it is and to make better choices in the present.

We are more accepting of differences in beliefs if we feel safe:

Based on our past experiences, we may feel uncomfortable or threatened in certain environments. We move into protective mode, both physically and mentally.  We react. The environment in which we are raised influences our beliefs. If we have been raised in calm surroundings with loving families, we will be more able to embrace diversity than if we were raised in families or communities that were in constant distress. Our opportunity is to identify the triggers that lead us to feel threatened so that we can begin to let go of these habitual reactions. When we feel safe, we can open our hearts to create a space or culture to better appreciate the diversity in our world.

We need to process our past and create better experiences moving forward.

Until we can effectively process past hurt, our ability to create positive experiences going forward can be limited. When we are not aware of our pain or another person’s pain, it is difficult create an environment that feels safe to move forward together. Learn more.