Creating Space for Gender Equality

The topic of gender equality can trigger reactions. Gender equality impacts all of us! I have surrounded myself with great, intelligent men. I consider them my peers, I value their insight and I rely on their counsel. Yet this group can frustrate me with their decisiveness and their different perspectives. I react. In turn, they react to my impatience and frustration – sometimes with avoidance, sometimes with frustration. Bottom line – we don’t maximize our effectiveness. Through my work with … Read More

Culture. In our hearts and soul.

‘A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.’– Mahatma Ghandi –  Supporting health at the level of ‘hearts and soul’. Humans can feel the power of ‘hearts and souls’ through music, dance and prayer. Humans come together to connect, mourn and celebrate in life’s most meaningful moments. This energy supports healthy living. Humans can also feel stuck in their lives because of painful memories, limiting beliefs and fantasies about life. This ‘stuck’ energy limits … Read More

Spiritual health and culture are important for health.

Spiritual health is recognized in our constitution. Spiritual health and culture are importantly connected. We place a great deal of emphasis on health and culture in Canada. Yet spiritual health is placed in a separate bucket from physical and mental health. There is a lot of energy frozen in the words ‘spirit’, ‘spiritual’ and ‘spirituality’. Our healthcare system demands evidence-based research yet our constitution recognizes the supremacy of God. When the Canadian Constitution was amended in 1982 to entrench the … Read More