love and kindness

Love and kindness.

Love and kindness as feelings.

Love and kindness. If we consider these words as feelings rather than choices, we recognize the sensations as coming from the heart and not the head. When we feel love and kindness, we experience sensations in our body, generally in the area of our heart.  We often see a person or hear a voice that triggers these sensations. Different people will trigger varying degrees of intensity of emotion and we will feel different sensations in our body based on the person. In addition, our response in the moment is often triggered by sensory perceptions from past experiences which we hold in our personal space. Our brain and our hormones may process the response but the feeling is energy triggered by a sensory perception.

Words hold power to connect.

As we consider that love and kindness are feelings and emotions that reside in the realm of spirit, energy and vibrations, we can often bypass the need to manipulate of the brain circuits or body mechanics. We can go straight to the source of the response. Our words operate on the level of vibration and as such, have the ability to shift energy beyond the meaning of the actual speech. We have evidence throughout history that this is the case, from spiritual teachings to passionate speeches. With this understanding, we can focus our words on the lower energy of the feelings that we want to shift to make room for love and kindness.

Logosynthesis® as an algorithm for love and kindness.

This question was posed by David Bornstein and reinforced by Melinda Gates: ‘Can algorithms be used to increase the love and kindness in the world?’. If we view algorithms as ‘a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem ‘, then Logosynthesis® (as developed by Dr. Willem Lammers) offers a beautiful algorithm to increase love, kindness and compassion in the world. The difference in his approach is that Dr. Lammers recognizes our being from the perspective of Essence. We are body, mind and spirit. In a comparison to computer technology, he states that our body can be compared to the hardware, our mind can be compared to the software and our spirit or Essence as the user of the body and mind. From this viewpoint, he maps out a beautifully compassionate philosophy and a guided process to shift this energy to make room for love and kindness.

Influencers are needed to accelerate a shift.

When I was introduced to Logosynthesis, I was blown away by how simple the method yet profound the results. I could not understand how such a model would not spread like wildfire. I have come to realize how strongly our beliefs blind us and that this should not come as a surprise to me, because I operate on the same premise. Just as it took time to change thinking that the earth was round or the sun the center of the solar system, it appears that it will take time to change mainstream thinking about the solution to angst in society. Influential people can accelerate the adoption if they can appreciate the work, endorse the findings and encourage dissemination.  In our quest to prove ourselves and become the authority, we are neglecting our most dominant force – our Essence. If authorities continue to focus on finding the answer to love and kindness by researching the hardware (our body) and the software software (our minds), while neglecting the user (our spirit), we will not realize the opportunity for a simple solution.

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