How to not lose my cool.

I don’t like to lose my cool. I have been known to lose my cool when life gets busy and demands are urgent. It is not something that I like to admit but I notice it in the tone of my voice, the tension in my jaw and the squinting of my eyes. I get in a reactive mode and in the moment, my concern is not about the feelings of others but rather that others pay attention to me. … Read More

Feeling Safe in a Chaotic World.

Feeling safe influences how I react in my world. I perform my best when I feel safe. I make better choices when I feel safe. And I am able to I enjoy life most when I feel safe. Personally, I recognize that heights, black ice and speed elicit a nervous reaction. I know that I can relate the feelings to past experiences. These ‘unsafe’ feelings are triggered by memories. I also recognize that stepping outside of my family norms triggers … Read More