How to relieve workplace stress using Logosynthesis

How to relieve workplace stress using Logosynthesis

Workplace stress is normal.

Workplaces bring together a wide variety of people for a common goal. They operate in a changing and uncertain world. This contrast is not always comfortable. People will do things differently from you. Priorities of others will not be the same as yours. Goals and targets may require you to stretch beyond a comfort zone. This contrast can spark growth and accomplishment. Yet all of these situations will trigger an automatic stress response for you. Over time, you may become stuck in stressful patterns which have a negative impact on your health and relationships.

You don’t need to stay stuck in stressful patterns.

It is common to focus on stress management initiatives that build your strength to do more, such as exercise, healthy eating and adequate sleep. It is also common to focus on healthy lifestyle practices that support your wellbeing by shifting focus, such as meditation, time off and work from home. These practices support you to build your capacity to cope with stress responses when the arise. And yet, many people struggle with repetitive, stressful patterns that wear them down and get in the way of their individual and organizational goals.

Logosynthesis is a new approach to support healthy lifestyles that guides you to identify and resolve the underlying triggers to your stressful patterns. By noticing specific situations when you experience stress responses, you can identify and resolve the underlying mental imagery that triggers these responses. Also, the results are immediate and sustained. This work is supported by recent medical research which finds that mental imagery is linked to emotional distress, noting that symptoms are relieved by shifting the mental imagery.

Identify and resolve triggers to workplace stress.

It is common to think that it is your boss, your coworkers and your customers that trigger your workplace stress. It is true that you may experience a stress response based on their actions yet they don’t need to continually control how you feel. Their actions can activate mental imagery in the form of hidden memories and limiting beliefs that are tied to distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. When you shift the mental imagery, the distressing symptoms fall away. Here are some examples:

– The mental image of a boss standing right in front of the person.
– The image of a large stack of papers.
– The sound of a voice: ‘You’re not smart enough.’

Logosynthesis can be used to offer relief for a wide variety of workplace issues. I share an example of using Logosynthesis to resolve a pounding headache that was activated by a recurring workplace situation but actually triggered by a hidden memory. When the memory shifted using a couple of cycles of Logosynthesis, the headache dissolved immediately. Now, years later, it has not returned.

Get started now for better health.

Overall, Logosynthesis offers a precise, structured technique to support you in healthier living. You will notice that you have more energy to focus on your work and stressful, reactive patterns will fall away. This model is being used internationally by leadership coaches, life coaches and therapists to guide people to prevent and recover from burnout. You can get started now to reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential in work and life.