Spiritual health starts from within.

Spiritual health is an important part of your overall health. Spiritual health is one of four dimensions to well-being as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), which include physical, social, and mental. Although spiritual health was not included in their initial definition of health in 1946, it has evolved to recognize that “the spiritual dimension plays a great role in motivating people’s achievements in all aspects of life”. The complete description of the spiritual dimension as articulated by the World Health Assembly in 1984 through … Read More

I know I am right, so why should I change?

As I reflect on my conversations around Logosynthesis, I recognize that we often hold a great deal of emotion in our beliefs. The stronger the emotion, the more adamant we are that we are right and the stronger the conviction to get others to change.  Consider how the following statements may be limiting: I don’t get along well with others because they have issues. I am not the one who needs personal development work. My frustration at work is due to other people not … Read More

What to do when work is overwhelming.

When work is overwhelming, stress can lead to burnout. I admit that my job can overwhelm me at times. I have been in the same position for the past 10+ years.  As the demands increase and the systems change in my role continually increases, I have difficulty keeping up with the workload.  I feel like I am playing ‘pop-a-mole’.  The faster I work, the further behind I get.  My computer doesn’t respond fast enough and new systems continue to add process.  I work to get everything … Read More

How to stop being the reactive parent using Logosynthesis

It can be challenging to stop being a reactive parent. Do you struggle to stop being a reactive parent? I believe we all want to be good parents but what we hold in our heads and our hearts isn’t always in line with the behaviour we exhibit. As parents, we hold fantasies of how our children should be based on our beliefs and past experiences.  And when things aren’t as we had imagined, we react.  Often we are not even aware of … Read More

Try a new approach to healthy living!

A curiosity and interest to support healthy living. My background is based on a career as a dietitian. As a dietitian, I had a focus on healthy lifestyle practices. Food. Exercise. Meditation. But there was always something missing. How to resolve the triggers to stressful reactive patterns?   I have an MBA and organizational behaviour theory certainly plays a role. However, this is conversation is not about degrees and certificates.  I have a lot of experience with volunteer organizations and a … Read More

Breaking the cycle of reactive parenting using Logosynthesis.

Losing my cool as a parent! I am not proud to admit that I can get stuck in ‘reactive parenting’ mode. As a parent, I truly want to do a great job raising my children. However, I admit that I get stressed.  I have been known to raise my voice and lose my cool when things don’t go as I feel they should.  I know what I should be doing and how to do it but in the moment, all … Read More

How to realize your potential using Logosynthesis

Realize your potential in work and life. Healthy living is not about running the furthest or looking the best.  It is about enjoying life with vigour and engaging in meaningful relationships.  It is about finding peace, contentment and fulfillment right where we are.  In order to do this, we need to acknowledge that emotional events from the past shape how we see the here and now.  They trigger feelings of fear the future and pain about the past.  They limit … Read More

Is stress controlling your life?

Everyday life can get busy and feel overwhelming. It can be common to think that stress is controlling your life. When you are stressed out, you tend to react with habitual, patterned behaviours.  It is common to look back at a situation and say ‘Oh no!  I did it again!’.  Despite your best resolve to change, you continue to repeat unwanted behaviours.   You don’t need to stay stuck in stressful patterns. Logosynthesis is a powerful psychotherapeutic and coaching model … Read More

Welcome to The Healthy Living Plan!

Introducing Logosynthesis as part of your healthy living plan. Welcome to The Healthy Living Plan! This website is dedicated to using Logosynthesis to both identify and resolve the stress triggers (in the form of mental imagery) that can keep you stuck in stressful patterns. Our focus is to support you in everyday work and life through leadership and personal development. You will learn how to reduce stress and anxiety and to enjoy life more fully!! Do you feel like stress … Read More

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