Welcome to The Healthy Living Plan

Welcome to The Healthy Living Plan!

Introducing Logosynthesis as part of your healthy living plan.

Welcome to The Healthy Living Plan! This website is dedicated to using Logosynthesis to both identify and resolve the stress triggers (in the form of mental imagery) that can keep you stuck in stressful patterns. Our focus is to support you in everyday work and life through leadership and personal development. You will learn how to reduce stress and anxiety and to enjoy life more fully!!

Do you feel like stress is controlling your life?  We know that everyday life can be stressful. Our aim is to guide you using Logosynthesis to reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential in work and life!  To change behaviour requires more than knowing what to do and we will introduce Logosynthesis as an interesting tool to incorporate in your healthy living plan.

Get started now to use Logosynthesis

Check out these resources to get you started. You can also watch the guided video below to experience what can shift. Firstly, grab a glass of water and find a quiet, uninterrupted place. Allow at least 30 minutes so that you are not rushed. And then, simply follow my guidance on the video. Energy shifts can feel subtle or intense, so take some time to notice what shifts over the next few days and weeks. Enjoy!