Ignite your Spirit using Logosynthesis

It is common to get stuck in life’s routines. It can be challenging to ignite your spirit when you are stuck in routines and stressful patterns. Yet, by paying attention and learning how to shift the energy in these patterns, we can make meaningful shifts. My summer has been much like any other. Great trips to visit family, connecting with friends, watching my daughters’ soccer games, playing catch up at work and enjoying quiet moments by the lake. This year, … Read More

How to not let things bother you and overreact.

In life, it can be common for things to bother you and to overreact. I am not proud of the fact that I tend to overreact when things bother me.  I have worked very hard over the years to manage my reactions using some highly recommended techniques: These techniques help me cope. They help make body and mind stronger. They help build my resilience to push on and do more. But things still happen that annoy and frustrate me. Things trigger … Read More

An exciting new book on Logosynthesis!

Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Dr. Laurie Weiss, 2016) This book explains Logosynthesis in a concise manner that is easy for all to understand. It is designed with straightforward instructions to learn how to stop worrying about things you can’t control and to help manage challenging situations.  The following description about the author, provided on Amazon, speaks to the fascinating nature of this work: After over 40 years practicing psychotherapy and coaching, … Read More

Spiritual health and culture are important for health.

Spiritual health is recognized in our constitution. Spiritual health and culture are importantly connected. We place a great deal of emphasis on health and culture in Canada. Yet spiritual health is placed in a separate bucket from physical and mental health. There is a lot of energy frozen in the words ‘spirit’, ‘spiritual’ and ‘spirituality’. Our healthcare system demands evidence-based research yet our constitution recognizes the supremacy of God. When the Canadian Constitution was amended in 1982 to entrench the … Read More

I know I am right, so why should I change?

As I reflect on my conversations around Logosynthesis, I recognize that we often hold a great deal of emotion in our beliefs. The stronger the emotion, the more adamant we are that we are right and the stronger the conviction to get others to change.  Consider how the following statements may be limiting: I don’t get along well with others because they have issues. I am not the one who needs personal development work. My frustration at work is due to other people not … Read More

Changing conversations using Logosynthesis.

It’s been four months since Dr. Lammers joined us for an evening to talk about Logosynthesis, an exciting new coaching and psychotherapeutic model.  Since then, I’ve had many interesting conversations trying to better understand the topic and how to convey its grace and eloquence to others.  The more I learn, the more intrigued and fascinated I become.  I want to share it with everyone but I have been struggling with trying to explain the details, trying to understand who is … Read More

Feeling Stressed? Logosynthesis can help.

Feeling stressed is common in everyday life. Given the demands and responsibilities of everyday life, feeling stressed is normal. In my daily routines, I get stressed and I also interact with a lot of stressed individuals. My environment is generally healthy and productive. I don’t work in health care.  Nor do I work with illness.  I have a regular job and I am involved in my community.  Certainly, I appreciate the great people that are involved in my life. As I pay attention … Read More

Get over it and move on.

It can be challenging to ‘get over it and move on’. The holidays are over.  We have finished the first week in a new year.  Do we take time to acknowledge any stress we experienced or do we just push forward?  Get over it.  Move on. At work, we just finished a challenging year with lots of change.  Some of us took a few days off to recharge.  We are now full swing into the next set of targets. Do we … Read More

What to do when work is overwhelming.

When work is overwhelming, stress can lead to burnout. I admit that my job can overwhelm me at times. I have been in the same position for the past 10+ years.  As the demands increase and the systems change in my role continually increases, I have difficulty keeping up with the workload.  I feel like I am playing ‘pop-a-mole’.  The faster I work, the further behind I get.  My computer doesn’t respond fast enough and new systems continue to add process.  I work to get everything … Read More

How to stop being the reactive parent using Logosynthesis

It can be challenging to stop being a reactive parent. Do you struggle to stop being a reactive parent? I believe we all want to be good parents but what we hold in our heads and our hearts isn’t always in line with the behaviour we exhibit. As parents, we hold fantasies of how our children should be based on our beliefs and past experiences.  And when things aren’t as we had imagined, we react.  Often we are not even aware of … Read More

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